Property of Africa- Alternative Apparel design. . .

There is something in it for everyone

Beautiful Things

Property of Africa represents an alternative approach to apparel design. We aim to draw from the richness and beauty of our heritage - to mix fashion with a message. We aim to do this by using plain white cotton T-shirts and do A-R-T work on them. We also use African fabrics commonly known as WAX. It comes with colors . . .  

Our production centers are in Accra-Lagos & Lomé

We are just at the beginning stage of this journey. You can ride with us and be a Property of Africa for a day, a month or for a year.

You can be Property of Africa for life.


The narrative will always glorify the hunter until the lion itself learns how to write.
— African Proverb


La Marque Property of Africa est née d'une passion pour les couleurs et les tissus Africains et aussi de l'envie de créer.

J'espere puiser dans l'abondance des ressources et des couleurs Africaines-de mélanger le design à la passion- afin de vous apporter des objets uniques. 

Nous sommes au début d'une belle aventure.